Beat out your fellow Emu Ranchers in toe-to-toe competition in this adaptation of the classic Decktet game.

Emu Ranchers is a two player card game where Ranchers try to collect the biggest pens of emus (or sets of cards) while attempting to keep their opponent from doing the same. It’s a light game that can be learned in about 5 minutes and played in about 20, but it also has enough strategy to keep people playing for hours.

Emu Ranchers is played much like Gin Rummy, with players collecting and playing sets of cards to earn points. Each new set costs 18 points to play, so adding more cards to the set throughout play to offset this cost is essential. The challenge comes from the fact that your opponent is fighting you for the same cards you need, often times stealing those cards right from under your nose. At the end of the round, players count up their points and the Rancher with the highest profit wins.

“I should have you know that the title of this game alone — Emu Ranchers — puts a nerdy grin on my face, but that pales in comparison to the terrific fun I had while playing this light, yet highly strategic two-player card game.”

Scott Bogen, The Board Game Show

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